A punch item can be deleted at any time, in any status. This is different than RFIs because RFIs are official contract documents, while punch items are not. Punch deletion cannot be initiated from the Viewer, but if the punch is deleted from the punch list screen, the stamp will be removed from the document that it is attached to.

Punch deletion process

  • Open the Punch list screen
  • On the opened menu click   [Delete] button beside a specific punch (which you want to delete)

Application will display a confirmation message stating “Are you sure you want to delete Punch”

  • Click [Yes] button to delete the Punch.

A confirmation message stating that Punch deletion is successful is displayed to the user.

After deletion, the application displays the deletion action as an activity on the Project activity > Document activity screen.

Pointers on Punch deletion

1. Punch delete functionality

  • Below user will be able to delete any punch:
    1. Account owner
    2. Project owner
    3. Punch creator
  • A punch item in any status can be deleted - DRAFT, OPEN, COMPLETED or CLOSED.
  • Activity need to track for a deleted punch
  • Attached photo will remain in the gallery even if the punch is deleted.
  • After deletion, punch assignment count will be reduced in assignee end
  • Deleted punch will not appear in search result
  • Deleted punch will not appear in the export list

2. Email notification

Email Subject: Punch [Stamp Title] has been deleted for [Project Name]


Email Body:

Project: [Project Name]

Punch [Stamp Title] has been deleted from SKYSITE Projects by [Name of user that deleted Punch].

Thank you, 

SKYSITE Projects Team


Email Recipients: Punch Creator, Punch To User, Punch Cc’d Users

3. Restriction

  • User will only delete one punch at a time.
  • If a punch item is deleted from the punch list screen, the punch will be removed from the viewer. Initiating the punch deletion is not possible from the viewer.

4. Limitation

  • Checking delete logic for each and every user action in punch pop-up is not being kept because the chances of an user deleting a punch while another user has it open in another window are very minimal.

5. Report

  • Deleted punch will not appear in the report.

6. Device

  • All above changes are applicable.
  • Change set
    1. After deletion, server will push one change set to device for this activity.
  • If user is in off line mode and does not take the change set
    1. While sinking with server, if punch is already deleted, server will notify device with some specific error code based on that device will handle the activity. 

7. Sync Application

  • Sync application will be notified only if punch annotation is deleted