Accessibility Options:

  • Project owner & Account admin(s) can access all Punch list created under a project

  • Project you (Employee of the account) and external users (who are having edit & edit with Publishing) can create punches, view only punches created and assigned to themselves, and enter comments – whichever punch item he/she is involved with (assigned / creator). 

  • Punch created by a guest you can be assigned by the guest you to any of the project member

  • Only recipient can complete the punch

  • Punch can be closed by Creator/Project Owner/Account Admin

The following stamp images will be displayed on the Viewer depending on the Punch list Status:

  • A newly created punch saved as a draft - 

At the top within the circle, the stamp name is displayed.

  • A newly created punch with status OPEN -  

At the top, the stamp name is displayed and underneath ‘O’ means OPEN.

  •  A completed Punch with status COMPLETED - 

At the top, the stamp name is displayed and underneath ‘C’ means Completed.

  • A closed Punch with status CLOSED - 


Note: These are applicable for Cloud and Devices Viewers.

Some important Points to Note (Cloud + Device):

  • Punch list once saved as an annotation cannot be edited.

  • Punch items created in devices will synchronize to cloud immediately. If internet is not available then application should wait for the synchronization process to cloud to start whenever internet is available.

  • Shared users logging into SKYSITE cloud & device with read privileges will not have access to Punch list and its related items

  • The assigned you will have access to the punch (in order to complete the punch) only when the same project under which the punch has been created has been shared with the assigned you.

  • Punches will be marked overdue (Punch row at the Punch list dashboard screen at project level on both cloud and device/Punch row under the Punch drop-down at Viewer level of both cloud and device) if the punch is completed within the Due Date.

  • Attachments – After Punch list has been created and sent to the assignee, new attachments cannot be added or existing attachments cannot be deleted.

  • Attachment in Comments – Attachment procedure in comments section is same as that of attaching documents & photos on the main punch. The attachment procedure in comments can only be started after text has been entered within the designated ‘Comments’ textbox.

  • Settings – The users can edit custom field names or add new custom fields (not more than 5). Changes will also reflect to existing punch items at Project & Viewer level using the Custom fields. Custom field once created can be deleted. The Settings section can only be defined by Project Creator and Account Owner in the SKYSITE cloud.

  • Draft Punch list – Draft Punch list will not sync to server and from server to client. This means that Draft Punch list created in cloud will not get downloaded in the device even after syncing of the project (under which the Punch list is created) between cloud and device. Hence, Draft Punch list created in cloud will not be displayed in device. Although, you will have the option to save Punch list as draft in device as well as cloud. Punches created in offline mode of devices will be saved as draft punches.

  • CC list users will only be able to view the Punch & enter comments (also attach files with the comment). These users will not be able to change the status of the punch.

  • The Punch Stamp on the Viewer of both device and cloud increase and decrease in size with the zooming in or zooming out of the document

  • Punches created at Viewer level on the documents will be displayed at Project level (The project under which the document belongs). The Punch drop-down on the Viewer will display only the existing punches annotated on that particular document which has currently been opened on the Viewer.

Notifications (Cloud + Device):

  • Assigned you & users in CC list gets email notification once the punch list is assigned to you i.e. after Punch is created with status OPEN

  • Creator & users in CC list gets email notification once the assigned you complete the issue given in Punchlist i.e. punch status is changed to COMPLETED

  • Assigned you & users in CC list gets email notification once the creator closes the punch i.e. changes the punch status to CLOSE

Note: There will be no notification for entering of comments by the Project Owner, Creator, Assigned you or users in CC list.