First, open a document in the Viewer then draw the punch annotation. After you save the punch annotation it is automatically saved in the application and simultaneously send to the assigned user. The creator can click on [Close] button to close the punch after its creation even before the assigned user responds.

On the other hand, the 'Assigned To' user can access the punch on the Viewer (from the 'saved punches' drop-down), respond and click on [Complete] button to complete the punch. Now, the creator can access the completed punch from the 'saved punches' drop-down and close the punch.

Creating, completing and closing a punch annotation through the Viewer:

Punch list are created by clicking the Punch list icon [highlighted by red rectangle in the screenshot below] on the tool bar and then clicking on the portion of the drawing where you feel suitable to annotate the punch list. This is shown in the screenshot below,

The Punch item stamp is displayed above [highlighted by green rectangle in the screenshot above]. Immediately after you punch stamp is annotated, the Create Punch list pop-up box will appear as shown in the screenshot below,

1. You need to select the Stamp, choose the Assigned To person from the Contact list, select the Due Date within which the Punch needs to be completed mandatorily in order to create the Stamp. Other field information you can enter as per your requirement.

Screenshot below displays a Punch item with data filled up:

2.  After entering all the details & attaching any punch, click on the [Create punch] button.

Once Punch is created the punch annotation color changes along with the display of punch stamp & status,

Now, you can click the drop-down of saved punches [highlighted with green rectangle in screenshot above] to view the saved punch. This is shown in the screenshot below,

The drop-down at the top of the screen [highlighted by the red rectangle as shown in screenshot above] displays the number of Punch list associated with the drawing. The details of each Punch list associated with the drawing can be viewed from the drop-down along with the Punch statuses.

Note: Punch list once created as an annotation cannot be edited/deleted.

3. The creator can close the punch before it is completed. The creator, if now, clicks on the newly created punch annotation (Status: OPEN), then the punch details are displayed with the button [Close punch item]. This is shown below,

The [Close Punch item] button will appear to the creator of the stamp while the [Complete] button will appear to the 'Assigned To' user.

4.  Assigned user can now view that same punch under the Punch drop-down (of the same document) with the status as OPEN. This is shown below,

5.   Assigned user can click on the row of the assigned punch from the saved punch drop-down and the punch annotation will appear on the document. After clicking the punch annotation the assigned punch opens up. The Assigned user will be able to view the [Complete] button which he/she can press if the punch issue has been resolved. Assigned user can enter comments & associate attachments in support of his completion of the item mentioned in the punch. Below is displayed a view of the OPEN punch to the assigned user,

6. The assigned user can enter comments, associate attachments (both optional). After completion of the punch item the assigned user can click the [Complete] button to mark the punch as resolved. The completed punch is shown below,

7. A completed punch with updated status (the view of the assigned you) is shown below,

8. The completed punch under the punch drop-down of the creator is shown in the screenshot below,

9. The creator can now close the punch (if he/she finds the punch item completion satisfactory). Once creator clicks the punch row (status as completed) the punch annotation of the viewer appears. Again, once user clicks the punch annotation, the completed punch opens. A completed punch as viewed by the creator is shown below,

10. After the creator clicks the [Close punch item] button, the punch will be closed. The punch item status on the Punch drop-down will be updated to CLOSED. This is shown in the screenshot below,

11. A closed punch item is displayed in the screenshot below,

Note 1: Punches annotated on documents through the viewer in the cloud is downloadable along with the document, via the SKYSITE Sync Application, to the local system. This will download only stamp icon with stamp status.

Note 2: Punch items created on documents through the viewer is also displayed at project-level on the Punch Dashboard (of the project under the document is located).