Folders can be created be within projects to provide logical segregation of different types of uploaded files. Again, folders can be created within folders to form a nested structure. The main purpose of creating folders is that the folders act as a repository of files. Once you have created a project, the application asks you to create folders within the project, which you may choose to ignore and create folders within the project later.

The following page asking you to create a folder appears, after you have saved the project header information by clicking on the [Create Project] button on the Create Project page.

  • Click on the [Create Folder] button present on the top right-hand corner of the page [highlighted by the red rectangle].

The following pop-up box appears after you have clicked the [Create Folder] button,

  • Enter the name of the folder in the textbox provided.

  • Tick the checkbox Exclude from “Latest Documents” to not let the application post updated documents in the Latest Documents folder under the same project.

Tip: Click here to know more about the latest documents folder.

  • Click the [Create Folder] button to create a folder instance under the project and upload the documents later


  • Click the [Upload files to the folder] button to start uploading documents within the folder from your system. Clicking this button gets the application to create the folder automatically plus opens the page from where you can start uploading documents.

The following page appears once you have clicked the [Create Folder] button displaying the newly created folder. The page depicts the folder structure present inside a particular project.

Once you click on the newly created folder you will see the following screen,

Note: Instead of clicking on the [Upload File] button to upload a file, you can create another folder inside the present folder by clicking on the [Create Folder] blue button at the middle of the page or you can click on the [Create Folder] button present at the top right-hand corner of the page [highlighted by the green rectangle in the above screenshot]. Creation of folders inside another folder gives rise to nested folder structure. Multiple folders inside a folder at the top of the hierarchy can be viewed by clicking on the Folder Tree button at the top left-hand corner of the page [highlighted by the blue rectangle in the above screenshot].