My Preferences

My Preferences screen lets you set your landing page, decide whether or not you would like to receive email notifications, decide which Viewer is preferred to view the files opened up in the application.


Follow the given procedure to access this screen:

  • Click on My Preferences menu item on the opened up My Profile menu.

  • Once you click this menu item the My Preferences screen opens up. This is shown below,

    • You can set landing page as Collection Files screen or Collection List screen. This means that once you log-in to the application you will land on the screen (or the screen will open up first) that has been selected as the preferred landing screen. If you select Collection Files screen as the preferred landing page then you will land on Collection files screen of the last accessed collection by default, immediately after you log-in to the application. If you select Collection List screen then after logging in to the application you will land on the screen where the list of collections are displayed.

    • You can choose to receive or not receive email notification for any activities or operations performed in the application from the System Notifications preference. If you select 'Off' radio-button then you will not receive any notification via email from the application.   

    • After setting the preferences click on [Save] button to update your preference.