New MS office document creation and viewing/editing of Office documents already created/uploaded in normal Files module is done through Online Office 365 module.

Note: You cannot create MS Office documents at root level of the folder.

  • Users will create any new or open any existing MS office document (like MS word, MS Excel & MS PowerPoint) in SKYSITE Archives (web) and that document will open through Office online (like MS word document will open in Word Online) within SKYSITE Archives. The Office online is integrated with SKYSITE Archives. Any changes made in the document are saved and the original document (which is opened) hosted in SKYSITE Archives  is updated or user can save the changed document as another document with a different name within SKYSITE Archives.
  • The documents are opened in three modes – Edit (can make changes to the document and save the changes in the updated document), View (can view the document contents and can open that document in editable mode from here) & Read-only (can only view the document contents). 
    1. Newly created documents automatically open in ‘Edit’ mode (opens instantly after creation). To access documents in edit mode user needs to have Microsoft Online Office 365 commercial account (not personal account) with Online Office 365 subscription (license) assigned and activated for that account.
    2. Previously created documents & uploaded documents with the latest compatible extension (.docx, .xlsx, .pptx) will open in ‘View’ mode where document contents are displayed. However, these documents can be opened in editable mode on click of a button from the ‘View’ mode (provided user have an MS commercial account with Office 365 license enabled)
    3. Uploaded documents with 97 to 2003 file extensions (.doc, .xls, .ppt) will open in ‘Read-only’ mode. The contents of these documents can only be viewed and no changes can be made on these documents.

Benefits are given below:

  • Collaborate with members of the team in real-time. Multiple users can simultaneously edit the same document with the Office Online integration.
  • Edit and see changes saved instantly. Most importantly, users can open and edit documents from within the application, and any changes will be automatically saved back to SKYSITE Archives .


1. New file creation (word - .docx, excel - .xslx, PowerPoint - .pptx) - Only from web

2. File Upload (.docx,.xlsx,.pptx,.doc,.xls,.ppt)- web

3. Revision from web

4. New file/revision from Sync

5. New file/revision from Device

New MS office document creation and viewing/editing of Office documents already created/uploaded in Collection files is done through Online Office 365 module.

Steps to create new Office document

  • Go to Files module of a particular collection and then click the [Add] button

Screenshot below displays the menu which appears after user clicks the ‘Add’ button (in Collection files):

  • To create MS Word document, click ‘Word document’ menu button which will open the document naming popup box.

Note: In this document, the Word Document creation is taken as an example, because the process of creating Excel & PowerPoint document is same as that of creating a Word document.


Screenshot displays the document naming popup box:


  • Enter the name of the document and click the [Create] button (this button becomes active only after user enters a name of the document) to create a blank document which is displayed on the folder below all the existing documents.

Note: Special characters / : * ? “ < > | are not allowed as name of the document. The symbol % is allowed during renaming of the document as well as for new document creation.


Screenshot below displays the newly created blank document [highlighted with green rectangle]:

As soon as user clicks the ‘Create’ button a message is shown to the user that states “Document created successfully” and immediately a new tab on the browser opens displaying the blank document (the newly created blank document opens directly only when user is signed into a commercial Office 365 subscription).


The newly created word document will have extension .docx (similarly, newly created excel file will have extension .xlsx while newly created PowerPoint document will have extension .pptx). 

As soon as you create this document, a document will appear within the folder (inside which the document was created) and simultaneously the newly created file will be opened under a new tab (on your browser) with ‘Edit’ mode. To edit (update) & save the document user needs to have commercial license to access Office 365 Online. If user is already signed in to Online Office 365 account then the document will open directly in an editable mode on MS Word Online portal as soon as user clicks the ‘Create’ button on the ‘Name your document’ popup box.

But if user is not signed in to their Microsoft Online Office 365 account (need commercial Office 365 subscription) or do not have an account, then Office 365 will prompt the user to sign in to their commercial Office 365 account. This commercial must have Online Office 365 subscription enabled.

Screenshot below displays the prompt to sign to user’s Office 365 license:

  • Click the [Sign in with a work on school account] button to enter your commercial (school or office) email ID

Screenshot below displays the Sign in screen where user needs to enter the email ID:

  • Enter your commercial email ID and click [Next] button

Screenshot below displays the password entering screen:

  • Enter your commercial account password and the document will open in Word Online in editable mode.

    Screenshot below displays the document opened in word online in editable mode (demo screen):
    User can update and save the document. The updated document is saved within SKYSITE Archives in its original location. Multiple users can work on the same document at the same time and changes will be available real-time simultaneously in edit mode.
Note: Hence, user needs to sign in to his/her commercial Microsoft Office 365 account and have Office license assigned to his/her account in order to access the documents in ‘Edit’ mode.
Steps to view and edit uploaded document
User can upload a word, excel or PowerPoint document in a similar manner to uploading a PDF document. Any uploaded document with file extension .docx, .xlsx and .pptx or any previously created document inside SKYSITE Archives (created using the options shown above) will open in ‘View’ mode on the Office 365 online portal while documents with file extension .doc, .xls & .ppt will open in ‘Read-only’ mode on the Office 365 online portal. The difference between the two modes is that the documents opened in ‘Read-only’ mode (with extension .doc, .xls & .ppt) will not have any ‘Edit’ button while documents opened in ‘View’ mode (with extension .docx, .xlsx and .pptx) will have an ‘Edit’ button to modify the document (in that case, user needs to have Office 365 Online subscription enabled in their commercial account).
  • To first view and edit a document, double-click on a previously created document or any previously uploaded document (with extension .docx, .xlsx and .pptx) to open the document through the Office 365 online access portal (in ‘View’ mode) – user is not required to sign in to Office 365 account to view a document content

Screenshot below displays a document (.docx) opened in Word Online in ‘View’ mode:

User can click the [Edit] button to open the same document in editable mode (in that case the user needs to be signed in to his/her commercial Office 365 Online account, otherwise app will prompt user to sign in and that account needs to have Online Office 365 license assigned to it)

  • To only view a document, double-click on any uploaded document (with extension .doc, .xls and .ppt) to open the document through the Office 365 online access portal (in ‘Read-only’ mode)

Screenshot below displays a document (.doc) opened in Word Online in ‘Read-Only’ mode:

In this mode, user cannot edit the document and can view only.

Important Points

  • User can perform all actions on one or more selected Office files in SKYSITE Archives (like actions performed on PDF documents). These actions include Download, Share, Move, Copy, add to print cart, Export, manage view, Set Alerts, get info, rename, Delete & Modify attributes.
  • By clicking ‘Get info’  , user can get revision detail and from the revision window, the user can open all revisions (.docx,.xlsx,.pptx,.doc,.xls,.ppt) in ‘Read-only’ mode regardless (irrespective) of what the file extension/format is (No ‘Edit’ option will be there even for .docs, .xlsx & .pptx documents). 

Screenshot below displays File history/versions screen

  • If any document is opened in edit mode, no revision will be created from file upload (web), sync, device for that document. If a user tries, he/she will encounter failure.
  • If any document is opened in edit mode, every 15 min per user (document remains open) or on the closure of the document tab or on disconnection with backend, automatically a revision will be created if any changes have been made to that document (changes detected in that document). This works like auto-save in offline Office documents.
  • The document is saved every 15 seconds when the document is closed after making changes in ‘Edit’ mode.
  • Any new file or revised file uploaded from sync/device, it will be available on the web and vice versa.
  • No office document can be created which have the same name and same extension as an existing office document. Automatically the application provides an extension “ – Copy(1)” and “ – Copy(2)” and so on beside the document name in case a document with the same name is already present.
  • When user clicks on a hyperlink inside a document (opened through Viewer) which has a destination file as an Office document, then that document will open based on use permission (at team & folder level) and based on file extension (format) i.e. whether the file is .doc or .docx.
  • The user must have permission to upload files within the collection, then only the Create Office documents – Word  options will come on clicking the [+Add] button (inside the Collection files).

Screenshot below displays the ‘Upload Files’ permission at team level for a specific user:

  • If user has permission only to read & download files inside a specific folder, then office documents existing within that folder will always open in read-only mode (user will not be able to ‘Edit’ a word document even if it has an extension of .docx).

Screenshot below displays the ‘Read & Download Files’ permission at folder level for a specific user: