Add to Print Cart

User will be able to select any number of folders under a specific collection or from multiple collections and add those to the Print Cart. User can add more items to the cart before placing the order. User will be able to track print order history for specific folders.

NOTE: Folders from multiple collection can be added to the cart. 

Follow the given procedure to add folders to Print cart:

  1. Select the folder from the Collections Folder section.

  2. Click on(More button) present at the Collection folder section of the screen. A number of options within a menu appear.

  3. Click on Add to print cart menu option and the application will generate a confirmation message saying that the 'Folder successfully added to the print cart'.

As soon as user clicks on the Add to print cart menu option the application will display one more tab named as 'Print cart' in the top of the screen. This is shown below,

The total number of folders added to the cart is displayed on the print cart icon. This icon with the recently added number of folders appears once user adds item to cart. The folder count disappears once user checks out the item from print cart and confirms order. 

Clicking on print cart tab at the top of the screen will navigate the user to the ‘Print cart’ screen for detailed information. This is shown below, 

The selected folder is displayed on the print cart screen. 

  • User can set no. of copies of the folder to be printed for the selected set or item, delete the item as required by clicking on  [Delete] button.
  • User can add more folders to the cart after going back the collection folders section which can be done by clicking on the [Back to files] button.
  • User can remove all folders from the Print cart by clicking on the [Remove all] button. 
  • User can move to the order details screen after clicking the [Confirm Order] button. By default, associated Print service provider (PSP) center name will appear for the destination of printing. User can change the PSP based on delivery location.

Print order is posted to the respective division. If user is not associated with any division or system cannot find any PSP division within the specific range of the delivery zip code entered, then order will automatically go to GDC. 

Choosing Delivery Address:

Delivery Address – User can change the default delivery address or add a new delivery address by clicking on the button placed adjacent to the Delivery address section.

  • User needs to click on the button and the Change address dialog box appears. This is shown below,
  • User needs to click the link “Add new address”  to enter a new delivery address. This is shown below,
  • After user clicks on [Save] button the new delivery address is displayed in the screen. This is shown below,

User can either choose the new address or the default address as the delivery address from the Select delivery address option.

Selecting Delivery Details:

User can select Delivery Type, Delivery Date (the date before which the printed documents are to be delivered to his delivery address) and enter any delivery instructions.

Choosing PSP Division:

PSP address – The print service provider address is displayed on the right-hand side of the screen. If customer wants he/she can find the nearest PSP based on delivery ZIP code and send the print order to that PSP address instead of the default division associated with him by clicking on the button placed adjacent to the Print provider section.

  •  User needs to click on the button and the Change address dialog box appears. This is shown below,
  • Alternatively, user can enter the ZIP code in the specified textbox and as a consequence application will find the nearest PSP location within a specified range. If application does not find the PSP location within the specified range of the ZIP code then the GDC address is displayed 
  • User will have option to choose between which PSP to send the print order using the radio button if the nearest PSP address does not work for user.

Attaching Transmittals:

Transmittals or Documents distribution addresses – User can upload transmittal documents in excel format from the local system. These folders are kept along with print order. PSP can download these documents from SKYSITE Archives application.

In the end, user needs to click on [Confirm Order] button send the order to the specified PSP. After order submission, the Order Confirmation screen appears.

Order Confirmation screen:

The order confirmation screen displays the order success message and the order details.

 Order Summary screen:

The order summary screen displays the print order details which include order number, job name, print items, delivery time and location as well as PSP address. This is shown below,

User can also print the 'Print order confirmation' page by clicking on the link . This is shown below,