Accessing & Understanding Manage Retention Screen

The Manage Retention screen lets you determine the number of days, weeks, months or years specific document types will be retained in the application. Also, from this functionality you can assign the user who will have access to this function and can control the document retention period.

Note: This feature is only available to customers of SKYSITE Archives on demand as this feature can be enabled/disabled from super-admin account by ARC internal team. So, this feature will be available to user who ask for it.

Follow the given procedure to access the Manage Retention Screen:

  1. Click on button at the top right-hand corner of the screen to access the Settings Main Menu. This menu is displayed below,

  1. Under the Collection settings heading click on Retention management menu item [highlighted in the screenshot above] to access Manage Retention screen. This screen is shown below,

This screen has two portions - Document Retention Period (left-hand panel) & Retention managers (right-hand panel).

The left-hand portion displays the document types for which specific days of retention period can be chosen by the user. These document types are custom created by the user from this screen. The attribute Document type is associated by default with all documents uploaded in this account. Now, after uploading a document, user can click the file information icon  (on the right-side grid on Documents screen) and then select a value (which is entered through this Manage Retention screen like Drawing, Report etc.). Hence this document will have an attribute Document type with a value of ‘Drawing’. Now, if you select a retention period of 7 days for documents which fall under the ‘Drawing’ document type, then after 7 days this document will be automatically deleted from the application.


Document Retention Period (left-hand panel) description:

This section displays the type of documents and the number of days, weeks, months or years the specific document types will be retained in the application.

  • Enter a document type within the Type textbox and click on button to include the document type within the left-hand grid view section.

  • Select the Retention Period from the drop-down given. The following periods are given as options to choose from: 1 Year, 5 Years, 7 Years, 10 Years, Permanent and Custom. If you select Permanent then the document of the following type will be stored permanently in the application. On the other hand, if you select Custom then the following pop-up box will appear.You can enter the number of days, weeks, months & years in the numeric box provided. Again, you can tick the checkbox Remove custom retention period to disable the custom entry of days, weeks, months or years in the numeric box and select the pre-configured retention period from the Select Retention Period drop-down. Click Save & Close after you finish entering or choosing the retention period.

  • Click on the Retention Period link to modify the retention period of a document type. The link under the already existing retention period is highlighted in the screenshot below,
  • Click on to remove the retention period. The following confirmation message appears. This is shown below, Click [Yes] to continue with the removal of the period.
  • Click to edit the name of the document type within the Type textbox. once the name of modified click to [Save] to update the name. The [Save] button replaces the [+ Add] button during editing.

  • Click to delete the document type. A confirmation message appears. Click [Yes] to proceed with the removal of the Document Type.

Retention managers (right-hand panel) description:

This section lets you select the Retention managers who will be able to access the Manage Retention screen and then add or modify retention period. You would not be able to access the Retention Manager screen unless your name is added in this section.

  • Click button to choose Retention managers from Employee Users list. Only Hosting User (Contacts & Users saved as Employee users) can be chosen as Retention Managers. This is shown below,

  • Select the checkbox of the user that you want to add and click [Add & Close] to make those users as Retention Managers.
  • Clickbutton to  remove retention managers from the list.