Accessing & Understanding Account Team Screen

Follow the given procedure to access the Account Team Screen: 

  1. Click on button at the top right-hand corner of the screen to access the Settings Main Menu. This menu is displayed below,

  1. Under the Account settings heading click on Account Team menu item [highlighted in the screenshot above] to access Account Team screen. This screen is shown below,

           Left-hand Panel details:

The left-hand panel displays the Account Teams currently in existence in the application. Once you select any team (single-click on any team) the members of that account team are displayed under the right-hand panel.

    • Click on button or button to add a new Account Team. Refer to Add/Edit Account Teams for more details.

    • Click on button to edit Account Team information. Refer to Add/Edit Account Teams for more details.

    • Click on button to delete a Account Team.

    • Click on  button to view manage team association with collection. This is shown below,


Right-hand Panel details:

The right-hand panel displays the team members (under the selected account team). The Contact name, company name, phone or email ID of the members are displayed here. The Account Team members are chosen from Contacts (Address Book). The team members chosen from Contacts can be Employee User or Lite User only. 

    • Click on button to edit each individual team member detail. The Add/Edit Contact screen open up. Refer to Add/Edit Contact screen for more details. 

    • Select a specific team on the left-panel and then click on  button to view the collections associated with that specific account team

Collection Access to Account Teams: 

A whole Account Team can be given Collection access during the time of creating a new Collection or editing a Collection. This is shown below,

  • Select the Account Teams under the Account Team tab to which you would like to give Collection access.