Accessing & Understanding Manage User Screen

Follow the given procedure to access the User list Screen: 

  1. Click on button at the top right-hand corner of the screen to access the Settings Main Menu. This menu is displayed below,

  2. Under the Account Setting heading click on Manage users menu item [highlighted in the screenshot above] to access User list screen. This screen is shown below,

 Information viewed on the screen:

  • The total number of Seats (licenses) the current logged in user has access to, the number of licenses used & the number of licenses still available to the user. Each seat (license) represents a user. Each used up license (user) information is displayed in the grid view below.
  • You can view the user name, work phone & the email ID of the users.


Operations that can be performed from this screen:

  • Click on button to add new users. Addition of one user means reduction in one seat (license). Refer Adding New User for more details.

  • Click on button to buy more license (seat) and storage space. Refer to Accessing & Understanding License Management screen for more details.

  • Click on button to modify the user information through Add/Edit User screen.

  • Click on button to release the license of the particular user. This means the user will have no longer access to SKYSITE Archives application and your license count will increase by one.

  • Click on button under the Make Administrator column to elevate the privileges of the license of a particular user to Admin. level i.e. make the user an administrator. Making a 'Hosting User' an Administrator grants top level access to all projects the user is invited to. This includes:

    • Monitoring activity levels for both users and files.

    • Editing project status and information.

    • Editing and deleting existing users.

  • Click on button under the View Collection Access column to view the name and number of the Collections to which the particular user has access. This screen is shown below, 

  • Orange Flag means the user has been invited to access the given collection but has not yet accepted the collection access

  • Green Flag means the user has the access to the respective collection


Comparison between Users & Contacts:

  • Users added through User List screen can be of type Employee (Host) & Shared (Collaborative) user. Addition of one new user will decrease the license by one. These users will be displayed in the Address Book along with other Contacts.

  • Contacts added through Address Book (Contacts) screen can be of type Employee (Host), Shared (Collaborative) & Simple Contact (converted to Lite User once have Collection access). Addition of a Contact as Employee (Host) & Shared (Collaborative) user will decrease the license by one. Contacts can be added as members within Collection Teams as well as Account Teams.