Within Add/Edit account team screen, you will be able to create Account Teams by clicking button and edit existing account team information by clicking button beside each team name on the right-hand grid from the Account Teams screen. The Add/Edit account team screen is shown below,

  • Enter or modify the team name in the textbox provided at the top left-hand side under the screen name.

  • Tick the checkbox Notify team member(s) when added to project to send notification to all account level user(s), once account team is added to any Collection.

  • Click on  button to add team members within the team which is getting created

Screenshot below displays the Contacts addition within a team screen:

  • Select a Contact/Group name (by ticking the checkbox beside the name) and then click [Add & Close] to add the contact within the newly created group

Screenshot below displays newly added contacts within the team:

  • Select one or more existing team member and click on [Delete] button to remove the team 

  • Click on button to edit information of individual team member(s) through Add/Edit Contact screen

Screenshot below displays the Add/Edit Contact screen with the invited collection list for that contact:

  • After adding the new contact or group click [Save & Close] on the Add/Edit Account team screen to include the team member within the new team and return back to the Account teams screen, where the newly created team will be shown