Accepting Collection Invitation

After a new team member is invited to join a collection, that member will receive a collection invitation link in their email, clicking which they will be redirected to a screen where they will accept the invitation. 

Screenshot below displays a collection invitation email:

After user clicks the link of collection invitation, he/she is navigated to a Collection acceptance screen.

Screenshot below displays the collection acceptance screen for an existing user (accept invitation and sign in to account from this screen):

User needs to select the checkbox to confirm that he/she accepted the collection invitation and then enter email ID (which is auto-populated) and password (if he/she already has an account) and then click [Sign in] to enter his/her account.

Based on what type of member added (lite user, shared user or employee) they will get access to the collection in their Skysite Archives account. 

If the invited team member do not have any SKYSITE account then they will be redirected to the same screen from where they can accept the collection and also create a new Skysite account (by typing a new password twice) and then get the collection inside that account when they access that account.

Screenshot below displays the collection acceptance screen for a new user who do not have Skysite account (accept invitation and create account from this screen):