Recent Activities

A user can view his recent activities performed in the synced projects. To do so, click on Recent Activities option by right click on the SKYSITE SYNC ICON in the taskbar.

The activity window shows the latest 10 activities and the window also auto updates.

Send Application Log

The application log information will be email to the support team for debugging or query resolution.

Screenshot displaying the mail is shown below,

Conflict Tray

A conflict arises when the server and local version of file does not match. This may occur when the same file is being edited at the same time by different user or when there is version mismatch. In such cases, user will get an option to download the files from cloud or upload the local copy to cloud.

The above is the notification that appears when a conflict occurs. This alert will only appear if the Ask Me radio button is selected in the notification configuration screen. The [Ask Me] button is shown in the screenshot below,

To view conflict window, launch Conflict tray by right clicking on the SKYSITE PROJECTS Sync icon in the taskbar and then clicking on Conflicts. The Sync project(s) window also displays number of conflicts besides the project(s) as shown below.


User can view all the conflict(s) across all synced projects after clicking on ‘Conflicts’ menu button from the taskbar [shown on the left-side screenshot above] OR user can choose to view project-specific conflicts after clicking on the conflict link for a specific project on the Sync Project(s) screen [shown on the right-side screenshot above].

After clicking the conflict link, the sync application displays the conflicts.

Screenshot displaying the project-specific conflicts: 

Screenshot displaying the conflicts of all synced projects: 

User can select specific conflicts and then choose to keep either the local version (version of the file in the user’s local computer) or the server version (i.e. the cloud version) of the file. Again, user can keep local or server version of all files involved in all conflicts at one shot.

Failure Tray

Failure tray utility helps user to watch for any failure events related to download or upload of folders or files while sync is going on.

If any failure arises, main project window displays failure(s) along with numbers. To view this failure window, launch Failure tray by right clicking on the SKYSITE PROJECTS Sync icon in the taskbar and then clicking on Failures. You can also navigate to the project specific failures by clicking on the failure link besides the project as shown below.


User can view all the failure(s) across all projects or project specific failure(s).

Screenshot displaying a project-specific failure:

The above failure window displays all the failure events.

  • User can also click on Retry All button to again start the syncing process of all the failed file/folder or Ignore All button to invalidate all the failures.
  • User can select one or multiple files to Retry or Ignore by checking the checkboxes for the required files. When user select the files then Retry All and Ignore All button text will change to Retry selected and Ignore selected.

On clicking any one of these selected buttons, Ignore or retry is exercised. If Retry is exercised, the failed event is processed. If successful, the event is removed from the failure tray otherwise if unsuccessful the event will show up in this tray again.

If an event(s) is ignored, the event(s) get removed from the list and the file/folder related to the failed event will not be synced.

What’s New

The What’s New will direct the user to the web where all the new & upcoming features on the SYNC Application are listed.

Screenshot displaying the What’s New link:

The new features of Sync Application open up when this link is clicked,

Exiting sync app

To log-out of the sync application, go to the Account tab. This tab displays username of SKYSITE client account (currently logged in to the sync app) and the name of the associated local computer.

  • Click LOGOUT & UNLINK SYSTEM to log out and discontinue syncing your computer with the cloud.

The following message is displayed,

  • Click [Yes] to log-out from the sync application as well as unlink from the cloud application.

SKYSITE Sync installers for Auto update

A SKYSITE sync user will get an “Auto update popup” if new version of the application is available in the server, as shown below. Popup will be displayed automatically on the user system.

Note: Auto update is available after Version

Remind me later

On clicking “Remind me later” button the updates from server will not get downloaded and popup will again be displayed on the user system after 12 hrs.

Note: Popup will be displayed on the user system after 12hrs interval unless latest updates are installed.

Download and install update

On clicking “Download and install update” button, the updates of the application will start to get downloaded on the local system from the server.

Note:  Once the download finishes, the user must run the installation wizard to apply the updates.