Synchronization Process - Selecting Project Items

SKYSITE Projects sync application lets you cherry pick folders that you want to sync to your computer. A user can also sync the entire project at once.  

  • Click the Add Projects button to make the project selection screen appear.

The Project List window also gives an easy search option to search and sync your preferred projects.

  1. User can synchronize either the entire project (all folders within project) by ticking the checkbox beside the project name and then clicking the [Done] button. The whole project along with its ‘Gallery’ and ‘Folders’ will be synced.
  2. To select specific folders within the project, the user needs to tick the checkbox beside the project name & then click the downward arrow drop-down beside each project name to open and select any chosen folder on the opened-up folder tree structure. This is shown in the screenshot below,

User can select or unselect any folder inside the project and select the nested folders present inside folders at root level. Once sync is successful, a download success notification is displayed in the form of balloon tips. The Project List window also gives an easy search option to search and sync your preferred projects. The selection of the folder tree is shown below:

  • Intermediate Sync:    - This icon shows that the child folder of a parent folder is selected.
  • Completely Synced:   -This icon shows that all folders under parent folder are selected.
  • Not synced:   - This icon shows that none of the folders under parent folder is selected.

Note: The user can sync multiple projects together by selecting more than one project.

    3. After selection of project and specific folders click on [Done] button to start the synchronization process.

The synchronization process is shown below,

After the completion of the synchronization process the following screen appears,


  • User can click on the View folder(s) button to view the synced projects, folders & files at user’s local system
  • User can click on the SELECT PROJECT(S) button to move back the project selection screen

Below is displayed a screenshot of multiple projects being synced concurrently. The icons beside each project name indicate the status of the project sync.

Project Sync Icons -

        a. Sync status is displayed with a progress icon till the Sync is complete.

        b. After the sync is completed a tick icon as is displayed.


    c. If the sync is paused, sync status is depicted as 

    4. Project can be paused/resumed for further syncing of data with pause button at any time


    5. From Sync application, you can directly move to the cloud project by clicking on the web icon button.

The following web page displaying the folder structure inside the associated project opens up:

View Folder(s)

The user can click on the View folders button either on the General tab main screen or on the Sync completion screen, to see the synced project folder structure in the local computer drive.

The user can click on any of the folders to view the files inside.

Icon Overlay

The sync application also has the icon overlay feature. This means that the current state of the project is displayed locally with use of different icons. The respective icons are as follows,

 Sync Complete (Published Files) - Project/folder consisting of published files have been synced to local system. Also, this icon is present on each synced published file at local system.

Sync Complete (Unpublished Files) - This icon is present on each synced unpublished file at local system. This icon will be converted to Sync Complete Sync Complete (Published Files) i.e. once the synced copied files in local system are published in cloud.

Sync Complete (Latest Documents)Latest Documents folder present in cloud have been synced to local system. It also indicates that no upload is possible from Latest document folder.

Changes Detected - Any file/folder has been added or deleted in the synced project at cloud or at local system.

Syncing in Progress - Download/Upload/Rename is in progress.

Gallery Download

Only download of Gallery folder along with its contents (Albums and Photos) is done from cloud to user’s local system through the Sync Application. Once the Sync Application starts, the Gallery and its contents are downloaded within the designated project folder. A downloaded Gallery content on user’s local system is shown in the screenshot below,