The SKYSITE Sync Application can only be accessed by logging in via the use of a username and password. The username and password are the same as that of your SKYSITE account used to access the cloud application.

  1. Double-click on the SKYSITE application exe to open the SKYSITE Projects sync application.

    2. Enter the Username or email and Password of your SKYSITE account in the respective text boxes.

    3. Click SIGN IN & LINK THIS COMPUTER to register and link the user’s computer with the cloud.

If you enter the wrong password, then the following message appears,

If you enter the wrong email ID, but enter the correct or wrong password, the following message is displayed,

If two-step verification is enabled in sync, then the application will ask for the PIN number after you enter the correct password.

If you enter the wrong PIN, then the following message appears.

    4. Enter the PIN number and then click Verify PIN to successfully access the sync application.


After successful login, the GENERAL tab (present on the top left-hand side of the app screen) and the PREFERENCE tab (present on the top right-hand side of the app screen) will be available to the user for access.

Note: Account is created from SKYSITE:

If a user changes his password from web but is already logged in to his/her account from sync application, he will be prompted with the screen below when he accesses the sync tool.

  • After that the logging in process will be same, only [Unlink] button will be present at all stages. The data of user will not be unlinked (even if his account is blocked) unless he forcibly clicks on [Unlink] button.

through SSO

A user can sign-in to SKYSITE Projects sync through SSO login if the user is an employee of a company which has the facility to log-in to SKYSITE through IDP (Identity Provider).

  • Click on the ‘Sign in with company credentials (SSO)’ link [highlighted in screenshot below] to move towards the SSO log-in screen.

The Single sign-on (SSO) screen appears. This screen is shown below,

  • Enter the SSO user ID or email address and the [Sign in & link this computer] button becomes enabled.
  • Click the [Sign in & link this computer] button to navigate to the IDP login screen.

The screenshot below displays the IDP login screen (here the IDP Okta is used as an example):

  • Enter the login credentials of the IDP (username & password) and then click the [Sign in] button to enter the SKYSITE Projects sync application.

After entering credentials and clicking the [Sign in] button, you will be bale to access the SKYSITE Projects sync application and land on the General tab of the application.