Project/collection email folder inside project/collection

Every project in the SKYSITE web applications will have a default folder called ‘Email Archive.’  All the emails synced with this project are displayed in this folder. Each Email Archive is saved as a .eml file.  

 Screenshot displaying Email Archive folder in SKYSITE Projects 

Users can navigate the ‘Email Archive’ folder to view the Outlook emails synced to the specific project.

Synced emails inside Email Archive folder in SKYSITE Project

Within the Email Archive folder, users can [Download] or [Delete] a single email or multiple emails by selecting them.

Please Note: The [Delete] and [Download] buttons only get enabled after email selection.

Screenshot displaying Delete and Download buttons upon selecting multiple emails in the Email Archive folder

Search for email

SKYSITE application can extract all fields in an email such as ‘To, Cc, Bcc, Subject, Body, Received date, Sent date etc.’

Email search feature in the Email Archive folder

The following section outlines the process to search through the ‘Email Archive’ folder

  • First, enter a keyword related to the email you are searching for. This can be done either at the global level or at the email archive level. For example, ‘Email archive’ is selected in the following screenshot.

Screenshot displaying the different levels of email search in SKYSITE Projects

  • Once you have entered the keyword and selected the level, click the [Search] button
  • You can also use filters to narrow down the search result. This feature allows users to narrow down the search for emails by entering a keyword (in the search textbox) and also entering relevant keywords in one or more of the following fields— ‘From’, ‘To’, ‘Cc’, ‘Subject’. Users can also select the date range and search only for emails with attachment (by checking the ‘With attachment’ option.)

Screenshot displaying option to filter emails in SKYSITE Projects