• To download the Outlook plugin, open the SKYSITE Projects web application and click on [utilities] (present on the bottom pane)

Screenshot displaying Utilities button

  • Under ‘Add-ins’ select [Download Outlook Add-in].

Screenshot displaying option to Download Outlook Add-in

  • Once you have installed the Outlook plug-in onto your computer, click on ‘Add-ins’ in the Outlook navigation bar. The Outlook plug-in’s [SKYSITE] drop-down button will appear on the top left corner.

Screenshot displaying Add-in section and SKYSITE drop-down for Outlook plug-in

  • Click the [SKYSITE] drop-down button and then select [Connect] to initialize synchronization. 

Screenshot displaying the Connect button to initialize synchronization:

  • You will then be asked to enter your SKYSITE account credentials to establish a connection between the Outlook application and the SKYSITE web application.

Screenshot displaying sign in fields to connect SKYSITE and Outlook

Please note: If the account is ‘complex password & authentication’ enabled, the user needs to enter the PIN code after username & password entry.

  • Once you have signed in, you will see [Settings] and [Disconnect] appear as dropdown options for the SKYSITE Button (located on the top left pane in the Outlook add-ins section.) Additionally, a folder called ‘SKYSITE’ is automatically created. To access this folder, go to the left-hand folder pane in the Outlook application. Under this folder, two child folders called ‘Projects’ and ‘Facilities & Archive’ appear. These two folders will sync with the respective SKYSITE modules.

Screenshot displaying Outlook plug-in buttons [highlighted with red rectangle] and the SKYSITE folder [highlighted with green rectangle] – after Outlook is connected to SKYSITE

  • You can now start syncing emails from your Outlook inbox to the SKYSITE cloud and vice-versa.