Once you are ready to print your folders/files, you must provide the ‘delivery address’ (where the printed files will be delivered) and the ‘Print Service Provider (PSP)’ address (where the printing will take place)

Choosing delivery address

The default delivery address is your profile address (the address that you entered during your profile creation)

Screenshot displaying the ‘Change’ button to modify delivery address:

Screenshot displaying ‘Change Address’ pop-up screen:

  • If you wish to have it delivered to another address, click the [Change] button. Your default address and previous delivery addresses will appear in the ‘Saved Address’ section. You can either click [Select] on one of the previously saved addresses or fill in new address details by clicking on the [Add new address] button to open the ‘Add a new address’ section.

Screenshot displaying add address pop-up box:

  • In the Add address pop-up screen you will enter the details in the respective fields and then will click on [Save] button to save the address. The saved address will be displayed under the change address section of the screen.

Screenshot displaying the option to choose from multiple delivery addresses:

Yyou also have the option to modify one of the previously stored delivery addresses by clicking [Edit]. However, the default delivery address cannot be edited.

Selecting Delivery Details 

  • Once you have selected your delivery address, you must enter your ‘Delivery type’, ‘due date of delivery’ and ‘delivery instructions’ as they are mandatory fields.

Screenshot displaying ‘delivery detail’ fields

  • Once you have entered these details, fill in the delivery instructions with additional information for the PSP. This can include the type of paper, size of the paper, cost restrictions (if any) and instructions on black & white or two-sided prints.

Attaching transmittals or document distribution address

  • You can attach transmittal documents which will be stored along with the print order.

Screenshot displaying option to upload ‘transmittal or document distribution address’

Choosing print provider

  • The default ‘Print Service Provider (PSP)’ address for users is the ‘Global Delivery Address (GDC)’ address.

Screenshot displaying option to choose or modify ‘print provider’ address

  • If you wish to have it delivered to another address, click the [Change] button. Once the [Change Print Provider] pop-up screen appears, you can search for the PSPs by entering keywords based on address/ city/ state/ country/ postal code. This will result in a list of PSPs based on your search keyword.

Screenshot displaying drop down menu that shows ‘print provider’ addresses based on keyword entered

  • Once you have entered the search keywords, you can choose to filter the results to show the nearest PSPs based on distance. For example, you can choose to select a PSP among the PSPs within 50 miles of your delivery address and the list will be filtered automatically. Similarly, you can choose to select a PSP from among the those falling within 100 or 200-miles radius of your delivery address.

Screenshot displaying ‘search feature’ with option to filter based on distance

  • After you select a Print Provider, the chosen PSP and the previously selected PSP are displayed on the Change Print Provider pop-up box. This is done so that you can easily select a previously chosen PSP without searching for that PSP.
  • Once you have entered information in all the relevant fields, click on [Confirm Order] to complete your print request. Once your order is processed, the ‘order confirmation’ is displayed on the ‘Print Cart’ screen.

Screenshot below displays the ‘order confirmation’ screen in SS Projects: