The Send Files functionality lets you send files through email from your system to any other registered or unregistered user. Again, the Inbox (a portion of the Send Files page) lets you access all the files received in the application though email. Hence, all the mails that are received by the logged in user are listed in the inbox list.

Access: Click [Send Files] button (present at the top portion of the screen) on the Project Dashboard screen to open the Send Files screen.

Screenshot displaying a blank Send Files page (numbering provided for identifying various features):

The Send Files [highlighted by the green rectangle] button on the top portion is displayed on the page above.

  1. Drag & Drop Files:  You can open a Dialog Box in your system, select one or more file(s) and then drag & drop the file within the space outlined by the dotted line.

  2. Choose File (button): Click on [Choose Files] button to make the ‘OPEN’ dialog box appear, navigate to the file(s) you would like to upload (you can select more than one file by holding on the 'Ctrl' key) and click [Open] button on the dialog box to associate the file in the application.

Screenshot displaying a file associated in the Send Files functionality:

The file to be send from the application is shown in the above screenshot [highlighted by the red rectangle].

  1. Email: Enter the email of a registered or unregistered user to whom the file is being send in the space provided. Also, you can click on  button to select the email recipient from the Contacts list provided.

  1. Subject: Enter the subject line of the email in the space provided.

  2. Message: Enter any message to go with the file attachment.

  3. Inbox: You can view emails received in the application under the Inbox section

  4. Tracking:  You can track emails sent from the application under the Tracking section

  • Click [Send] to shoot the email with the attached file to the intended recipient.

Inbox section description

You as the current logged-in user will receive your emails consisting of files to be worked on within the Inbox section of the Send Files screen.

As shown in the screenshot above, there are 8 messages in the inbox. Each of the mails can be downloaded by clicking on  button or an order for printout can be sent to local print service provider by clicking on the  button.

Note: The Inbox tab is selected by default.

Again, if you directly click on any one of the mails, the following page loads,

The above page displays the details of the received mail [numbering provided to identify the various details].

  1. Sender email address & Subject: The email address of the sender of the email along with the subject line of the received email is displayed in this section.

  2. Attachment: Click this link to open the zip file attached with the email.

  3. Order Print: Click this link to order print of the attached document by directing the attached file to a print service center.

  4. Display File: The attached files are displayed here along with the size of the files and whether the files have been successfully uploaded or not in the application.

  5. Download icon: Click this icon to download the file in your local system.

Tracking section description

The utility of the Tracking tab on the Send Files screen is to provide inspection of the mails that are sent from the application.

  • Click on Tracking tab, to view the mails send from the application and the arrival status of these mails in the recipient’s mailbox.

The above page displays the mails that have been sent from the application. The Received status of the mails mean that the intended recipients have successfully received the mails in their inbox.