You can select multiple contacts and create new groups, add selected contacts to any existing groups, delete selected contacts and/or share selected contacts. The buttons to perform these operations only appear after user selects one or more contacts.

Screenshot displaying a selected contact [highlighted with green rectangle] and the operational buttons [highlighted with the red rectangle]:

  • Click on one or more contacts to select those contact(s).

The Operations section appears once you select one or more contact(s).

Brief overview of each operational function:

  1. Clear Selection – Click this button to undo selection of contact(s).

  2. New Group – Click this button to create a new group. Enter the Group Name and click [Save] to include the group info in the application. The selected contact(s) will be included under the group automatically.

  3. Add to Group – Click this drop-down to select suitable group where you would like to add the chosen contact(s). This drop-down only appears when there are groups already present in the application.

  4. Delete – Click this button to purge selected contact(s) from the application.

  5. Share – Click this button to share this contact info with other users of the application through email. The following screen opens once you click this button,

  • Enter the email id (multiple email IDs can be entered using semi-colon) and click on the [Share] icon to share the contact info with the user(s).