You can add contacts to a group and later sort and view them group-wise.

Steps to add contact groups:

  • Click on Groups to open the screen where all the contacts are displayed according to the group under which it falls.

The screen is displayed below,

The above screen consists of two sections. The left section displays the existing groups and the right section displays the available contacts under that group. You can edit an existing group or delete a group.

  • Click on [New group] button to create a new group

The new group creation section appears on the left-hand section of the screen. This is shown below,

  • To add a new Group, enter the group name on the blank text box and then drag and drop contacts from the right-hand side of the screen into the Drag & Drop section on the left-hand side of the screen.
  • Click on [Create group] button to create a group for the selected contacts after pricing the group name.

Editing a contact group:

You can edit an existing group or delete individual groups from the left-hand panel. Once you click the [Edit] button on the left-panel the edit group section appears. 

You can exclude members from the group by clicking the cross sign on top of individual members, drag & drop other members (shown on right-side of the screen) to include new members, modify group name. After making changes you can click [Update group] to update group info.