Submittal Comments:

  • Comment are entered only during status change – no attachment within comment

  • Users in CC can also make comments.

  • Comments section is like RFI – two separate textboxes (notes entered by approvers on left-side & comments of CC you on right side)

Email Notifications send during approval cycle:

  • Recipient of submittals will receive an email, notifying them of an outstanding submittal item. They can click on the email and the submittal item will open in SKYSITE Projects on a web browser or they can sign-in and go to their submittal dashboard.

  • If you click on Approve button – This particular submittal item will go to next approving authority for approval along with email. When the last approver clicks the Approve button, an email stating that the submittal approval process is completed is sent to all users in the approval cycle.

  • If you click on Reject button - This particular submittal item will go to previous action person (submitter / approval authority) for denial notice along with email.

Search Filters:

Search filters are there on Submittal Number, Submittal Name, Submittal Type, Submittal Status and Submittal Due Date. The search filters are also on any custom attributes (if added under the submittal tab of the project settings). The search filter with regard to status is shown below:

Viewing submittal as per status:

You can view submittals on Submittal Dashboard screen based on submittal status. You can choose to view all submittals, or specific submittals with status open, submitted, reviewed, approved, rejected or resubmitted.

Screenshot displaying the submittal display drop-down as per status:

Sorting submittal:

You can sort submittals on the Submittal Dashboard screen as per the submittal creation date in ascending or descending order. This is achieved when you click on  button on the submittal dashboard screen. You can choose to view the first submittal as the submittal created first or can choose to view the first submittal as the submittal which is created last.

Exporting submittal:

You can export the list of submittals displayed on the submittal dashboard screen in CSV format in an excel sheet. This is shown below,

Submittal document:

Collated submittal document will have the version number appended. The submittal document with, say, version number of 3 is displayed on the submittal dashboard screen as well as the submittal pop-up screen as v3.pdf. In case you download the submittal, the naming format is given as [submittalnumber_submittalname_version] 

Now once approver 1 is changing and re-uploading the document, if the document contains the previous cover page for this version it will be treated as the original document only and again when it is downloaded, the document will get a new cover page. So this way all the previous cover pages for different statuses can get on accumulating to the final resultant document.

Screenshot below displays the cover page of a Submittal document:

This cover page will appear before the actual submittal document (which was attached by the user to the Submittal).

The cover page consists of the details of the Submittal with Submittal Revision history.

Submittal disclaimer:

Submittal disclaimer text is unique for the account and is added in the submittal cover page. Only account admin user can enter this disclaimer. This text is entered through the Settings screen under the Submittal disclaimer tab. 

Screenshot below displays the Submittal disclaimer entry textbox in Account Settings: