You can proceed to create submittals after clicking the [Create Submittal] button present on the top right-hand side of the Submittal Dashboard screen.

Screenshot displays the Create Submittal screen:

  • Click the  button to view and choose to attach various standard & project workflow templates.

Screenshot displaying the Create Submittal screen with workflow attachment option from Standard Templates tab:

Screenshot displaying the Create Submittal screen with workflow attachment option from Project workflow(s) tab:

Following fields are mandatory for creation of Submittal:

1.  Submittal Number: Enter any number to identify the Submittal. Value could be alphanumeric having maximum length 15-20. These will be unique project-wise.

2.  Submittal Name: Name of the submittal. Alpha numeric entries are eligible.

3. Submittal Type:  Type of submittal categories. Pre-populated categories are: Attic/Extra Stock, Bonds, Certificates, LEED, Operations & Maintenance Data, Product Data, Reports, Samples, Shop Drawings, Warranty, and OTHER. Pre-defined submittal types are kept at a Global level (for all accounts – across projects – master list to be used across project), whereas the ‘OTHER’ submittal type is imposed at project level. When user selects ‘Other’, a text box appears where user needs to manually enter the submittal type.

4.  Due Date: Select date within which the submittal will have to be approved. Use calendar as MM/DD/YYYY

5.  Custom Fields: Enter suitable information in the custom fields associated with the Submittals (not mandatory). User can create these custom fields in the Submittal Settings section. These fields will not appear if user has not created these fields beforehand from the submittal settings screen.

Workflow Attachment:

You can find existing workflows under the Project workflow(s) tab and Standard templates tab. Submittal creation is incomplete without workflow attachment. The submittal approval process is implemented in the SKYSITE application according to the workflow.

Brief workflow attachment procedure:

You can copy any of the workflows present under the Standard template(s) tab (the pre-defined workflows are industry standard workflows and are customized by the SKYSITE team according to the existing approval process of the company). You can copy these workflows under the Project workflow(s) tab. You can then proceed to select approving authority company with the newly copied workflow and then complete the submittal creation process.

You can also create a copy of any previously existing workflows (previously copied from any of the standard templates during an earlier submittal creation) under the Project workflow(s) tab and proceed to select approving authority under that workflow and subsequently attach to the submittal item.

Alternatively, you can select the template of any previously copied workflows under the Project workflow(s) tab and attach that workflow with the submittal item. In this case, you will not have to select the approving authority companies as application pre-populates the approving authorities.

Note: The Open workflow attachment with a submittal ensures that there is no need for selection of approving authorities and submittal can be submitted to any user for approval.

Detailed workflow attachment procedure:

Application-provided workflows are present under the Standard template(s) tab. You can copy these workflows, change the name and then use the workflow for Submittal item creation. Application provides 5 workflow templates by default. Each of these workflows is as per the approval level. This means the first workflow template portrays the submittal approval cycle with one approval authority, the second workflow template portrays the submittal approval cycle with two approval authority and so on.

  • Click on any workflow template to view that workflow in full screen.

This is shown in the screenshot below,

  • Click on [Select Template] button to rename and make a copy of the selected standard template.

After user clicks this button, the Copy Workflow pop-up screen appears. This shown in the screenshot below,

  • Edit the name of the workflow and press [Submit] button to create a copy of the standard template workflow

This newly created workflow which is a copy of any of the standard workflow template, is transferred & displayed under the Project Workflow(s) tab.

Application will immediately navigate you to the approval authority selection screen.

Approval authority selection:

As soon as you attach a workflow to the submittal, the approval authority selection screen appears. This is shown below,

The number of approval authority company to be selected depends upon the number of approval levels in the workflow. If you had selected a workflow with 5 levels of approval, then you will have to select and associate 5 approving authority company for each approval level.

Note: You can click  [Change workflow] button to change the selected workflow.

An approving authority is a company whose employees (must have SKYSITE account & should have full access to the project for which submittal is getting created) will approve the submittal.

  • Click  button to open the Company selection screen. This is shown below,

  • Click on the radio-button beside a company name to select that company as the approval authority for any particular approval level

The list of companies displayed for selection depends upon the criteria of project sharing. The companies associated with employees who are account users and external project collaborators of the project (under which the submittal is being created) are displayed in the list. Hence, the list displays companies which are associated with employees to whom the project is shared with full access or employees of the account. 

Any employees falling under the selected company can now approve the submittal at the particular approval level.

In this way, you can proceed to add the other approving authorities.

The Admin user of a company enters the company information on his/her profile after creating a SKYSITE account. The admin user also has account users in his/her accounts. All account users (employees) who have the same company in their profile page or external users who are having full project access will fall under the approving authority company.

  • In the end, click Create to create the submittal

  • Alternatively, click Create & Submit to create the submittal and simultaneously submit the submittal to the approving authority.

Reusing Workflows:

You can re-use already copied and attached workflows present under the Project workflow(s) tab.

If no workflows are present under the Project workflow(s) tab, then the following message is shown under the tab:

Screenshot displaying already used workflows under the Project workflow(s) tab:

You can create a copy of any existing Project Workflow by clicking on the Copy workflow menu button accessed from the More (…) button and proceed to associate approval authorities with the workflow, thus ultimately attaching the workflow with the submittal item.

Screenshot displaying the ‘Copy’ button of Project workflow(s)

You can click on [Select workflow] button to directly attach a workflow with the submittal item without the need for associating approval authorities. The application pre-populates the approval authorities from the previous usage of the workflow.


  • One submittal item can be associated with only one workflow but a single workflow can be associated with multiple different submittal items

  • In a workflow, the approval party is validated by the company name. All users in that company will then be accessible on the “To” section of the actual document submission process