You can create submittals from the Submittal dashboard screen. You can access this screen from the Project Management section after entering inside a project.

Screenshot displaying the Submittal access from the Project Management button:

  • Click Project Management button, then click Submittal on the opened up panel

The submittal dashboard screen opens. The All Submittals tab will open by default. This is shown below,

You can create, view, edit, submit, reject or approve as well as delete existing submittals at various levels of approval, can download those submittals in pdf format, can import submittal & can create new submittals from the Submittal Dashboard screen.

  1. My Submittals tab: Displays only submittal items which are created by you (current logged in user) or you are part of the approving authority. 

  2. All Submittals tab: Displays all open submittal items created by all other user associated with the project (account users or external project collaborators with full project access). 

Also, you can view the name of the user who performed the last activity on the submittal and download previous versions of the submittal document present on each row of the submittal.

If there are no submittals yet, application will prompt you to create the first submittal item. This is shown below,

You can import Submittal items in bulk via the submittal import functionality (by clicking [Import Submittal items] button).