You can create custom attributes from the Submittal settings. These attributes are added as fields on the 'Create Submittal' screen. You can enter data in the custom attribute fields during the time of Submittal creation. The submittal setup page is accessed during project creation or at a later time via the Project Settings page.

Accessing Submittal settings during project creation: After you create a new project, the Settings pop-up screen appears immediately. You should navigate to Submittals tab to enter custom attributes.

Accessing Submittal settings after project creation:  Submittal settings for an existing project are accessible from the More Options button of a project thumbnail. For an already existing project, the settings can be accessed at project level by project creator and account owner.

Screenshot displaying the settings access menu on a project thumbnail:

The Settings screen appears. Now, navigate to Submittal Settings tab.

Screenshot displaying Submittal Settings:

  • Click the [Plus] beside each field textbox button to increase the number of field by one. Clicking this button will make a new textbox field appear below the existing one where you can enter the next custom attribute. 

  • Enter the custom attribute field names for inclusion in the Submittal (a maximum of 5 custom attributes can be entered)

After saving the custom attributes, these fields will appear on the Create Submittal screen at document level and project level. The custom fields cannot be deleted once created and saved. User can enter alphanumeric values/texts on the custom attribute fields on Submittal creation screen.