Submittals in document management approval process for shop drawings, material data, samples, and product data. Submittals are required primarily for the architect and engineer to verify that the correct products and quantities will be installed on the project.

Submittals are often created by a project manager and/or a contractor (or subcontractor) to request information from the responsible subcontractor about the specific items planned for fabrication and/or installation on a project. Once the subcontractor has submitted the information (e.g., materials data, product data, product samples, shop drawings, and more), the General Contractor reviews for completeness, and design teams review the submissions to make sure the information complies with the project drawings and specifications. Once approved, the submittal is returned to the General Contractor or the subcontractor, which signifies that the work (or fabrication) is approved for construction.

Submittal in SKYSITE Web

  1.  First, custom attributes are created (not mandatory) from Submittal Settings (which is accessed from Project Settings > Submittal Settings). Custom attributes data entry are done during submittal creation.

  2. Second, workflows are created which determines the number of approval authorities and the flow of approval cycle of the Submittal. User has to attach these workflows with submittals during the time of submittal item creation. According to the workflow, the submittal approval cycle is implemented in the application.

  3. Third, submittal items are created. During submittal item creation, user has to enter mandatory fields (Submittal Number, Name, Due date, Submittal type) custom attribute field data (if custom attribute exists), attach workflows to submittal and then select approval authorities (companies) (maximum 5 levels).

  4.  Fourth, the submitter submits the submittal item to the first approver of the hierarchical sequence.

  5. Fifth, each approval authority reviews and passes the submittal item to the next approver in the hierarchy. Each approver can download the Submittal in pdf format, make changes and upload the document for review by the approver in the next level of approval hierarchy.

  6. Sixth, the last approval authority approves (closes) the submittal.

  7. Seventh, as and when action on the submittal item is being taken, associated authorities will receive the notification.