‘Move folders & files’ functionality in web allows the user:

  • To move one or more files from one folder to another

  • To move one folder inside another folder (moving multiple folder simultaneously is prohibited)

  • To drag & drop one folder inside another folder within the folder tree

You can move an individual folder inside another folder.

Note: Moving multiple folders simultaneously, is not allowed.

  • Click ‘Move’ option from the [More details] menu of a folder

Screenshot below displays the ‘Move’ option at folder level:

The ‘Move folder’ pop-up screen appears after you click the ‘Move’ option. This pop-up screen displays the folder hierarchy inside the project (inside which the folder to be moved resides).

Screenshot below displays the destination folder selection pop-up box:

  • On this pop-up box, select the destination folder where you want to move the folder (single-click on the chosen folder)

  • Click [Save] button to move the folder to the selected destination folder

A message, alerting you that hyperlinks might get affected if you move the folder, is displayed after you click the [Save] button. This message means that documents present inside the folder might have hyperlinks drawn on it (source file for hyperlinks) or may be connected to other documents through hyperlinks drawn on those other documents (destination file for hyperlinks). Hence, moving the folder makes the files inside it move as well, consequently changing the source & destination path of the hyperlinks, meaning that some of the hyperlinks might not work.

Screenshot below displays the alert message:

  • Click [Yes] button to move the folder

When a folder is moved, the parent folder along with the child folder(s)/file(s) inside the parent folder(s) are moved hierarchically to the destination folder.

You cannot move a folder inside a destination folder if the current location of the folder is the same destination folder. The application displays an error message.

Screenshot below displays an error message if the location of the source and destination folder are same:

Drag & drop folder within the ‘Folder tree’

You can open the folder tree, then drag & drop a folder (present on the folder tree) inside another folder displayed on the folder tree.

  • Click the [Folder tree] button to open the ‘folder tree’

  • Now, select a folder (present on the folder tree) and then drag & drop that folder inside another folder on the folder tree.

Note: You cannot drag & drop a folder inside a destination folder where the source folder is currently located. The following error message is displayed “Source and target location can’t be same. Please select the valid target location.”

Screenshot below displays a folder is dragged and dropped inside another folder (on the folder tree):

Note: The pinning option is removed from the folder tree. Now, every time user opens the folder tree, it automatically appears in a pinned state.