Photo search on the SKYSITE cloud can be implemented at Global level as well as at Albums and Photos level by the users.

Screenshot displaying the Search-box with the Search criteria Everywhere (all projects & content) & Albums And Photos highlighted (at Gallery level):

Screenshot displaying the Search-box with the Search criteria All & Photos highlighted (at Album level):

Attribute entered as search criteria at both Global and Photo level:

  • Album Name (Search carried out within Gallery)

  • Photo Name (Search carried out within both Gallery & Album)

  • Photo Attribute

  • Photo Description

According to the search criteria entered within the Search-box, the application will fetch the list of Photos and display the search results. This is shown in the screenshot below,

  • Click [Reset] button to close the search result

Search Filter:

The Search Filter can be used to search for photos using filtering criteria with respect to photo description, photo attributes, the user who uploaded the photo and the date on which the photo is captured. The 'Search Filter' is shown in the screenshot below,