You can enable 'Select' mode to select multiple photos to download, send access link or delete the selected photos simultaneously. Once this button is clicked, the application takes you to the select mode, where you can click on the suitable photos to select and then perform the required operations. You can select any number of photos. Example, out of 5 photos in an album you can select 3 photos and then perform various operations on those selected photos.

Note: Photos and Albums cannot be selected at the same time. If user wants to proceed then all the previous selection goes off.

Screenshot below displays the [Select] button on the 'Gallery' screen:

  • First, click on  button and then single-click on the chosen photos to select those photos.

Screenshot below displays the Select Mode:

  • Click on the  button at the top right-hand corner of the screen to open the [More options] menu. 

Screenshot below displays the [More options] menu:

  • You can DOWNLOAD the selected photos in ZIP format, SEND download link to other SKYSITE users or any external users or DELETE selected photos from the MORE OPTIONS menu. 

  • You can click on [Clear Selection] button to disable the selection.

  • You can click on the [Back] button to move out of the selection mode.

  • You can click on [Select all photos] button to select all visible photos within the gallery or album. 

Photo Viewing

You can view a photo by clicking on the photo preview icon. The following full-fledged photo appears along with the photo upload date & time, the name of You who uploaded the photo & the photo attribute details.

  • You can navigate to the previous or next photo present within the same Album by clicking the  and  buttons, respectively.

  • You can click on the  button to start a slideshow representing all the photos present within the album.

  • You can click on the down-arrow to minimize the photo information section

  • You can click on the [Edit Attributes] button to modify the individual attributes of that particular photo. The Edit attributes screen is shown below,

  • You can click on the [Done] button to exit the full-scale view of the photo.