Once the photo upload completes Add Attribute section opens up. You can optionally enter details of the various features of the photos in the designated fields. The entered details or attributes will help the users to search the photos easily.

The title of the photo will be pre-populated by the application automatically, which is the file name of the image. You can edit the photo title. Building name or number, the level of building, area information, the room number, and a brief description of the photo can be entered within the designated textboxes but all these are optional information related to the photo.

In the end you need to click on the [Save attributes] button to save the photo along with its attribute details.

Editing multiple photo attributes

Attributes of multiple photos can be edited by clicking the Edit Photo Attributes button (this button is accessed by clicking the  button) present on the menu of each Album. Hence, attributes of all photos present within the particular album can be edited by clicking this button.

Screenshot displaying the access to Multiple Photo Attributes screen:

The 'Edit multiple photo attribute' screen appears.

Screenshot displaying the Multiple Photo Attributes screen where the user can edit any attribute of more than one photo:

You can edit the attribute information entered during photo upload from this screen.

At the end the you need to click on the [Save attributes] button to update the photo attribute information. The user can click on the  [COPY]  button beside each attribute field to copy the information to the same attribute fields of multiple photos.