You will be able to create new Albums or directly upload new photos in the Gallery. 

Screenshot below displays the Gallery screen when no files are uploaded,

  • Click [Add new album] button on the 'Gallery' screen to open the 'Add new album' pop-up box  within which you can enter the name of the album. 

This is shown below,

  • Click [Create Album] button to create the album or else click on the [Upload photos to this album] button to open the upload photos pop-up box where user can drag & drop or direct upload files from the local drive within the new album. This is shown below,

A newly created 'Album' is displayed below [highlighted by the red rectangle in the screenshot below],

Once you click the  button at the top right-hand corner of the folder icon the following options appear:

  • Download – You can download the whole album along with its contents in ZIP format within the your local computer by clicking this button.

  • Send – You can send the images present inside the album to various other users via email by clicking this button. You can select multiple emails of other SKYSITE users present within the 'Contacts' list or type in external users’ email ids within the area presented. You can select an expiration date (optional). You will have to access the link, directing to the concerned album, from the email before the expiration date passes away. You can also add the description before sending the link to the user.

  • Delete – You can delete the whole album and its contents by clicking this button.

  • Edit – You can change the name of the album by clicking this button.

  • Edit Photo Attributes – The attributes of all photos present inside the Album can be edited at one go by clicking this button

These options are shown in the screenshot below,

Note: You will not be able to create another album within an existing album.