A freshly created PROJECT will consist of a folder called ‘Gallery’ (created by default in the application). This folder will be visible to all the users of the project. This is the location where user can add/upload the photos. In case user wants to add photos to the project then the user will have to upload project related photos within this folder. Also user can create albums to organize photos for better reference.

The Gallery folder is shown in the screenshot below,

The user can DOWNLOAD the whole Gallery folder with its contents in ZIP format. Also, the user can SEND the link to access the 'Gallery' folder to anybody with a valid email ID. 

The DOWNLOAD and SEND operations can be performed by clicking the button at the top right-hand corner of the folder icon.

The following Send Link pop-up box appears once user clicks the SEND option,

Here, you can select multiple emails of other SKYSITE users present within the 'Contacts' list as well as external users. You can select expiration date (optional) after which the link to access the Gallery folder will become invalid. You can also add the description before sending the link to the user. After clicking [Send] button, the link will be send to the concerned users.

After the recipient clicks the download link in the email the following screen appears,

You can separately download any image or album inside the 'Gallery' or you can download the whole 'Album' directly.

You can create multiple Albums within the Gallery folder and/or upload multiple photos. Again, within the Album folder user can upload multiple Photos.

Screenshot displaying Albums and uploaded Photos within the Gallery:

  • Click on  button to switch view screen from grid to list view or vice-versa

  • Click on  button to sort photos and albums in ascending or descending order based on photo/album name or photo/album upload date (creation date).