Photo management is a feature of SKYSITE which will meet the user’s need to store project related photographs, organize them into albums for easy access and navigation and also annotate with project documents for quick pictorial reference. Photo Management feature is available in SKYSITE cloud as well as device. Cloud and device can be synced with each other to seamlessly transfer photos to & fro between the two. Photos from gallery or freshly captured photos can be annotated on project documents.

Supported file formats for photo: Jpg, png, bmp, jpeg, Tif and Tiff

Facilities provided to user

  • Upload any number of Photos within Albums or Gallery

  • Create any number of Albums within Gallery.

  • Edit album name

  • Download a Gallery with multiple Albums and Photos inside it in ZIP form

  • Download an Album with multiple Photos inside it in ZIP form

  • Download individual and multiple photos

  • Delete an album with all photos inside it

  • Send link of a Gallery, an album and Photos

  • View a photo in almost full screen and viewing of photo in slide show

  • Edit photo attributes within Gallery or Album individually

  • Edit multiple photo attributes of all the photos present inside a particular album

  • Copy the attribute field data of one photo to the same attribute fields of multiple photos of single Album.

  • Download, Send and Delete multiple Photos in an Album

  • Provision for editing photo title/name in add/edit photo attribute screen

  • When uploading photo, if any photo is found with the same title, then it will be renamed automatically with suffixes.

  • Privilege checking is done as per SKYSITE norms, because a you may not have permission to edit all photos.

  • Following image types as an Attachments of Punch and RFI will be automatically added to gallery after uploading: 'jpg', 'jpeg', 'png', 'bmp'.

  • Facility to sort photos according to Photo Name and Create Date.

  • Photos can be searched out with Photo Name, Album Name & Photo Attributes.