You can sort projects in ascending or descending order as per the sorting criteria selected.

Screenshot below displays the Project dashboard with the sorting order button [highlighted with red rectangle] and the sorting criteria selection button [highlighted using green rectangle]:

  1. Click the sorting order button to first select the order whether it is ascending or descending.

  2. Now, click the sorting criteria selection button to select the criteria based on which the project will be sorted. These could be project number, project name and owner.

The projects are displayed on the 'Project Dashboard' screen based on selection of sorting order and sorting criteria. For example, you have two projects with city as 'New York' and' Washington', if you select the sorting order as 'Ascending' and the sorting criteria as 'City' then the project with the city 'New York' is displayed first because the first letter of the city 'New York' comes ahead of the first letter of the city 'Washington' in alphabetical order.