Projects are created in the SKYSITE application to act as a repository for construction documents. Projects are segregated according to the preference of the users, who may choose to create separate projects to load documents associated with construction of a bridge, a house, an office room renovation etc. Multiple projects can be created by a single user. Within a single project, multiple folders can be created to host a multitude of different types of documents.    

New Projects are created from the SKYSITE Project dashboard.

Access: On Home Page > Click Projects > Click Create Project

The screenshot below shows where to find the Create project button on the the Project dashboard screen:

  • Click on [Create Project] button to open the Create Project page.

The screenshot below displays the Create Project page where you are required to enter the relevant information.

Field Description:



Project Name

Enter the name of project. Project name should not have \/<>?"*:|

Project Number (optional)

Enter the serial number of the project. This number becomes important if you are handling multiple projects at the same time.

Project Start Date (optional)

Enter the date on which the construction work of the project has started.

Project Description (optional)

Enter a brief description of what the project is about.

Site Address (optional)

Enter the address of the construction site.

City (optional)

Enter the city where the site is located

State (optional)

Select the state where the city is located

Zip Code

Enter the zip code of the construction site


Select the country where the state is located

Password (optional)

Enter the password to be used in the future to access the project. Use the  icon to view or hide the typed password.

  • Click on [Create Project] button to save the project info in the application.

Once you create a project, the application will navigate you inside the project with the 'Project settings' screen laid open. This is shown below,

You can close the Settings to view the folder view screen inside the project. Only the 'Gallery' folder is created automatically created inside the project before any file upload. This is shown in the screenshot below,