You can enter your profile information through the My profile screen. 

After you first register in SKYSITE, you will land on the Common landing screen. From the Common landing screen when you click on [Go to Projects] button you will first land on the My profile screen. 

When you first access your newly registered account the My profile screen will appear blank. This screen is shown below,

Field Description:

Add Profile Image (button)
Click this button to select an image from the your local system and attach that image as your profile picture
Company name  (optional) 
Enter the name of the company on behalf of which the user is registered
First Name
Enter the first name of the user (this is auto-populated by the application from the registration screen)
Last Name
Enter the last name of the user (this is auto-populated by the application from the registration screen)
Job title  (optional) 
Enter job title of the user
Job type
Select the company type: Subcontractor, General contractor, Architect, Developer, Project manager or any other type
Address  (optional) 
Enter the company address
City  (optional) 
Enter the city name where the company is located
Zip Code  (optional) 
Enter the ZIP code of the area where the company is located
Select the name of the State where the company is located
Select the name of the country where the company is located
Email ID
This field is auto-populated with the user’s registered email id in the application (it is mentioned whether the email is verified or not)
Phone No.
Enter the phone number of the user
Fax (optional)
Enter the Fax Number of the user (optional field)

  • Click on [Save] button to store your profile information in the application

After profile information is saved, the user is redirected to the Project Dashboard screen.

Changing password:

You can change password of your account by clicking the [Change password] button on the My profile screen. The Change password pop-up screen appears. This screen is shown below,

  • Enter the current password first, then enter the new password and after that re-enter the new password again for confirmation.

  • Click on [Save] button to complete the reset password process.

If you are an existing user then you can access the My profile screen from the profile menu. This navigation is shown in the screen below,

  • Click the   menu button to open the My profile screen

If your account is a paid account and has two-step authentication enabled, then security questions will appear on the right-side of the screen. Also, there will an option to change PIN. 

You can edit any field information of your profile and click [Save] button to save the changes. The Company name, company type & email ID are non-editable fields.


Note: The security questions that appear on the right-hand side of the screen [as shown in the screenshot above] is due to enablement of two-step authentication in your account. 

More info on two step authentication & PIN setup can be found by clicking here.

360 degree solution screen:

  • Click the 360 degree solutions button to open the 360 degree solution pop-up screen. This screen is shown below,

You can download Sync app, SKYSITE app for iOS devices from App store & SKYSITE app for Android devices from Google play from this screen after clicking the respective buttons.