Accessing Skysite Web Application

You can access the SKYSITE web application log-in screen by navigating to and then clicking on the [Sign in] button.

Screenshot displaying the Skysite website with the Sign in button:

If you already have a Skysite account, then to access that account please click [Sign In] button present at the top right-hand corner of the webpage. Otherwise, please click [Free Trial]button to create a free trial account to access the Skysite web application for a limited period.

Alternatively, you can navigate to and directly access the Skysite web application log-in screen.

Logging-in to Skysite Application (existing users)

User will land on the main log-in screen of the SKYSITE application after clicking the [sign in] button on the skysite website.

Screenshot displaying the main log-in screen:

1.       Enter your registered email id which has been used for account verification during user creation.

2.       Enter the Password to access your account.

3.       Tick the Remember me checkbox to make the application retain the user ID for the next and subsequent logins.

4.       Click [Log in] to enter the Skysite application common landing page (if you are logging in for the first time or if you have logged out from that screen).  

Note: After logging in you will land on the respective SKYSITE module which you accessed during your last login. For example if you last logged out of SKYSITE Projects module, then after logging in you will land on the SKYSITE Projects module.


  • Click on Don’t have an account? Sign up link if you are not a registered user of Skysite application, to navigate to the first-time user sign up screen.
  • Use the ‘Forgot password?’ link navigate to the password retrieval page.
  • Click the 'Login with SSO' link to login to SKYSITE via an SSO login provided by your company

Screenshot displaying the password retrieval screen:

Screenshot displaying the SSO login screen:

Field Description:

User can enter the email ID. One auto generated mail with a link to reset the password will be forwarded to the mail ID. User can reset the password by accessing that link.
Send (button)
The usage of this button is to reset the password used for accessing the application. Hence, clicking this button transmits an auto generated mail containing an activation link to the entered, that is, registered email ID. You can reset the password by clicking on this link. This link is for one time use only.
Return to login
You can go back to the sign in page by clicking on this link.


If you have logged out of SKYSITE Projects during your last log-in then you will land directly on the SKYSITE Projects Dashboard screen once you log-in. This screen is shown below, 

You can click the [Navigation] button at the top of the screen  to open the navigation menu. This is shown below,

  • Click the [Home] button to navigate to the Common landing screen.

  • Click the [Facilities & Archive] button to navigate to the Project dashboard screen of the SKYSITE Facilities & Archive module. 

Note: The [Facilities & Archive] button will not appear if you have not activated the SKYSITE Facilities & Archive module from the Common landing screen.