Accessing & Understanding Address Book Screen

Follow the given procedure to access the Address Book screen:


  1. Log-in to the SKYSITE Archives Application

  2. Click  (Contacts button) at the top right-hand side of the screen. The Address Book screen appears,

 The screen above displays the Individual & Group Contacts saved in the application. The name of each group contacts/individual contacts, Company Name, Email Address, Work Phone is displayed for each Group/Individual Contact.


Operations which can be performed from the Address Book Screen from the top Action bar:


  • Click on [Add New Contact] button in order to enter information regarding a new contact creation.

  • Click on [Create Group] button to enter information regarding a new contact group creation.

  • Option to Search for specific Group/Individual Contacts.

  • Click on [Delete] button to delete one or more selected  Group/Individual Contact(s).

  • Click on [Import] button to load large amount of contact information in bulk within the Address Book of the application from your local system.

  • Click on  [Export] button to download contact list from the Address Book screen within a specific location in your local system.


Operations which can be performed on the Contact List row-wise:

  • Whether any Individual Contact is linked or not can be viewed under Linked column. If a Contact has accepted any Collection invitation or made part of a Collection Team, then the Contact will be linked to a Collection, hence the following symbol is shown: . If on the other hand, the Contact has been send a Collection invitation, but has not accepted any Collection invitation i.e. not part of any Collection team, then the Contact is deemed not linked and is identified with the following symbol:
  • Click on  button to modify individual contact information.

  • Click on Group Name link to view the individual contacts included in the group. You can edit individual group member information from inside the Group Name - Member screen.

  • Click on button to compare and update contact information. Whenever there is a mismatch between the information of any Contact at your Address Book and the information of the same Contact at his/her address book, the button appears. You can click on this button to view and update the field whose information is not matching. The Update your contacts screen is shown below,

The fields whose data is mismatching is shown in red above.


To make both your and user's address book have the same information of the mismatched field:

  • Select the fields by ticking the checkbox beside the mismatched field (in red)

  • Click [Update button]. The data of the field in the user's address book will override the data of the same field in your address book.

  • The updated field info will be displayed under the respective field column in the Contact List View section of the Address Book screen.