Searching Files

Follow the given procedure to search files from among the displayed file list (on the right-hand side grid under the Collection Files section) under a specific folder:

  1. Open Collection Files screen.
  2. Select the Collection from the drop-down present at the top of the screen.
  3. Select the Folder from the right-hand side grid to display the files under the folder on the left-hand side grid.
  4. You can view the File Search section at the top of the left side grid section under which the list of files are displayed. The search textbox is displayed below, 

5. Enter search string or keywords matching the file name in the Search by file name text box.

6. Click  (Search button). The search for the entered keyword will be carried out by the application in the file name. Those files matching the entered search string will be displayed as a search result.

Note: Click Reset button to roll back to the original list view before the search was carried out.

Screenshot below displays the searched out file that have name matching partially with the entered keyword:

Using Advanced Search

  • Click [Advanced Search] button to search for a specific file inside the folder using the attributes associated with the file.

User can enter the keyword which may match fully or partially with a file name and then select one or more attributes (by ticking the checkboxes beside these attributes) to select/enter values of these attributes. This means that the application will search for the entered keyword matching the file name and along with that will search for files that have the selected attributes (which are selected by ticking the checkboxes) with specific user-entered or user-selected values.