Checking In Files

After you finish working on the particular Collection, check-in and make the file publicly available. If the file is not checked-in, the other user with permission won’t be able to work on that particular file if required. A file needs to be checked in to the application only if it has been checked out before. A file before check in i.e. in check out state can be viewed in the application. You cannot check in a file if it has been checked out.

Follow the given procedure to check in the selected file(s):

  1. Select the already checked out files from the specific folder in the list of Collection Files.

  2. Click on  (More button) at the top right-hand corner of the screen. A number of options within a menu appear.

  3. Click Check in files menu item. The Check in Collection file(s) screen appears. This is shown below,

File name section

The selected files that you want to check in are displayed in the grid section.

  • Click [Choose] button to select the file to be checked in from your local system.

  • Click [Choose All] button to select all the files viewable in the grid section to be checked in simultaneously.

Revision Info section

  • Enter the Revision Name. This name will be associated with the original file name to identify that the file content has been revised and the revised file has been checked in to the application.

  • Enter the 'Comments' which are to be made in favor of the changes made. The comments may include what changes were made or why the changes were made etc.

User Message Section

This section lets you add recipients to whom you can send notification along with messages stating that the following files have been checked in. 

  • To: The list of users to whom the message of notification can be send is selected within this textbox. Click  sign to add Recipient(s) to whom the messages will be send.

Once the Recipient(s) window opens up,

    • Select the team from the Choose Collection team drop-down. The contact details based on selection will be displayed in the list.

    • Select the contact names whom you want to add in the Recipients section.

    • Click Add Recipient(s). A confirmation message appears.

    • Click OK. The contacts get added in the Recipients section.

    • Click Close to exit from the Recipient(s) window. 

  • Message: You can type the message which will be send to the recipient. The message may include why revisions on the file has been made and what changes have been made. Click Save to include the message along with the recipient name within the Messages section. 

Messages Section

This section displays the added contacts along with the recipient to whom the message will be send. You will be able to edit the message as well as delete the message from this section.

In the end, click Check in and the selected file(s) gets check in.