Copying Files

Follow the given procedure to copy specific files to the selected folder:

  1. Select the folder from the Collections Folder section. The file(s) of the selected folder is displayed in the Collection Files section.
  2. Select the files to be copied by ticking the checkbox beside each file or select all files at once by clicking the checkbox beside the File Name column.
  3. Click on  (More button) at the top right-hand corner of the screen. A number of options within a menu appear.
  4. Click on Copy Files to open the Select Target Folder window. This is shown below
  1. Select the Collection from the top of the window to display the folders of that selected Collection.
  2. Select Create New Copy or Create New Revision incase there is present a duplicate file of the same name within the folder where you are copying the files.
  3. Tick the checkbox [Allow file content search] if you want the copied version of the file to be searchable in the application.
  4. Select the target folder (Click on the folder from the displayed folder tree) where you want to copy the files. A warning message appears.
  5. Click OK to continue. The confirmation message appears after the file gets copied successfully.
  6. Click Close to exit.