Exporting Collection Team Members

Follow the given procedure to export Collection Team Member(s):

  1. Select the Collection Team. The team members belong to the selected team will be displayed under list of Collection Team Members.

  2. Click   (Export button) from the action bar. The Export Menu opens up. You will have the option to download the list of team members of the selected team in CSV format or directly in an Excel spreadsheet.

  3. Select the type of format from the Export Format drop-down list. The options are Excel, CSV, and XML. Selecting specific option will enable the list of Collections to get exported according to that particular format.

  4. Select the export page from the Export Page drop-down list. The options are Current Pages and All Pages. If you want to export only the recent page then select Current otherwise if you want all the pages to get exported, click All Pages option.

  5. Click Export. The File Download dialog box appears.

  6. Click Open to view the document that gets exported then save it to a particular location or else click Save. The Save As dialog box appears. Select the specific location where you want to save the document and click Save. The document gets saved into that particular location and the confirmation message appears. The list of team members will get exported based on your selection.