Deleting Collection Team Members

Team members can be removed from the specific team.

Follow the procedure to remove a team member from a specific team:

  • Select the team (on the Collection Teams section on the left-hand panel) from which you want to delete a member.

  • Edit the team by clickingbutton. The Collection Teams screen appears.

  • Select the team members who you would like to remove from the team by ticking the checkbox beside the member name and click the Delete member(s)button

  • Otherwise, when you select a team on left-hand panel, the members of that team are displayed on the right side. Select team member(s) and click on  (More button) on the top right-hand corner. On the opened up menu click on (Delete Member(s) button).

  • A confirmation message will be displayed. Click on OK to remove the selected team member(s).

A collection team member deleted from a team means that user will lose access to the collection in whichever capacity it was given access and will not find that collection in their account when they access that account.