Accessing & Understanding Collection Teams Screen

Collection teams created under a specific Collection will have access to the Collection and can perform various activities associating the Collection, depending on the permission given. Members of a Collection team are included from the Contacts (Address Book)

Follow the given procedure to access the Collection Teams screen:

  1. After opening the application click on  to gain access to the Collection Files tool-bar. This tool-bar opens at the top right-hand portion of the screen.

  2.  On this tool-bar click on  button. The Collection Teams screen will appear.

Screenshot displaying a Collection Teams screen along with explanation is given below:


The following operations can be performed on teams (from left-hand panel):

  • Click on any team name to view the team member under that particular team on the right-hand panel.

  • Edit any team by clicking  button

  • Delete any team by clicking  button

The left-hand panel displays the team members who have accepted Collection access, rejected Collection access invitation and not yet responded to Collection invitation.

Note: Collection here means the current Collection under which the Collection Teams screen has been opened up i.e. the Collection displayed here:   at the top of the screen. Any new team created will have exclusive access to this (selected) Collection only.

The following operations can be performed on team members under any selected team (from right-hand panel):

  • View the Contact (Team Member) name, company to which the member is an affiliate, work phone, email address, Expiration Date after which the Collection access of the member will be terminated.

  • Refresh Team member panel displaying the member details row-wise by clicking  (Refresh button). We generally click the refresh button when we intend to reload the current screen and the browser look for updated version of that particular screen and display the list accordingly. Hence, refreshing the list will fetch the latest version and the list gets reloaded.

  • You can enter search string with Search textbox, then select any of the properties of Team Members such as Contact Name, Contact Last Name, Company Name, Email or Response Status and then click on  (Search button) to carry out the search. If you select Contact Name then the application will search the entered string among the various Contact Names of the team members.

  • Click on  (Reset button) to revert any changes you have made.

  • Click on  (Add button) to create a new team.

  • Click on  (Export button) to export the list of team members in CSV format or directly in an Excel spreadsheet.

  • Click on  (More button) to either Accept Response of Collection invitation on behalf of team members who have not yet accepted Collection invitation or Send Messages to team members who have already accepted Collection invitation.

  • Change the Collection of a team member from the Collection Role drop-down. Click on  button to copy down the selected Collection Role of one team member among other team members (this reduces the hassle of selecting Collection Role of different team members separately).

  • Edit response of Collection invitation send to any team member by clicking (Flag button). Green Flag means team member has already accepted Collection invitation while Orange Flag means user has not yet responded to Collection invitation & Red Flag means team member has declined Collection information. Invitation status can not be changed to declined once the Collection has been accepted but the opposite is true.

  • Edit any team member information by clicking  button. Refer to Add/Edit Contact for more information.