Uploading Files

Follow the given procedure to upload files in a specific folder:

  1. Open the Collection Folders & Files screen by clicking on the Documents button at the top of the screen.
  2. Select the Collection from the drop-down present at the top left-hand side of the action bar to view the folders and files under the Collection.
  3. Once the Collection Folders & Files screen appears, select the folder (single-click on the respective folder) where you want to upload a file from the Collections Folder section (left-hand side grid).
  4. Click on the (Upload button) and from the sub-menu click on Files to start the uploading process. The following screen appears,
  1. Select New Copy or New Revision in case you are uploading a duplicate copy of the same file.
  • If you select 'New Revision' then the file to be uploaded will be a new revision of the existing file meaning that if both the files have same name then the previous file will be replaced by the newly uploaded file. The previous version of the file will not be displayed on the file grid. It will be displayed under the File history/versions tab of the file information pop-up box. To access the File history/versions tab you have to click on the [Get Info] button to see the information of the document. You have to click on File history/versions tab to view the previous versions of the file
  1. Click Select Files to select the file(s) to be uploaded from your local computer.
  2. Select the files from your local computer via Choose File to Upload dialog box and then click on Open. The file(s) gets added waiting to be uploaded. This is shown below,
  1. If you want to add attribute for each file then click on Add attribute to all button. Refer to Add/Modify Attributes help file for more details.
  2. Click Upload to upload the file(s). The process of uploading starts. This is shown in the screenshot below,

  1. You can click on  button anytime (before the file gets uploaded) to remove the file instance from the application.
  2. After the completion of uploading process, the successfully uploaded file will be displayed in green and the files which have failed to get uploaded will be displayed in red.
  3. Click the folder where you have uploaded the files. The files will display in the Collection Files section within the selected folder.

The successfully uploaded files will be displayed within the respective folder on the right-hand side grid [concerned folder and files within the folder are highlighted by a red rectangle in the screenshot below]. This is shown below,