Create Folder

Follow the given procedure to add new folders:

  1. Select the Collection from  the drop-down present at the top left-hand side of the action bar to view the folders and files (reach the 'Documents' screen) under the Collection.
  2. Once the Collection Folders & Files screen appears, click on the(Create folder button) to open a pop-up box where you can enter the name of the new folder.
  3. The Create Folder window appears. This is shown below,
  1. Name the new folder as per your requirement.
  2. Click on Save button to create the new folder. The newly created folder will be displayed under the concerned folder or Collection.
  3. You can now proceed to upload files within the newly created folder by clicking on the Upload Files button at the top-right hand side of the screen. Refer to Upload Files help for more details.

Note: If you select the Collection name under which you wish to create the new folder, then the new folder will be created at root level i.e. directly under the Collection. Instead if you select any existing folder under which you wish to create the new folder, then the folder will be created and displayed as a nested folder under the existing folder.