Adding New Collections

Follow the given procedure to add a Collection in the Collection list:

  • Click (Add Collection button) present at the top of the Collection Home screen. The Create Collection window appears. The Collection Information tab is displayed by default. This is shown below, 

    • Enter the Collection number and the Collection name in the Number and Collection Name text boxes respectively.

    • Click  (Calendar icon) to select the Collection Start Date from the calendar displayed.

    • Enter the description of the Collection in the Description text area.

    • Enter the Collection address in the Collection Address text box.

    • Enter the Collection location in the City text box.

    • Enter the zip code of the city in the Postal Code text box.

    • Select the state from the State drop-down list.

    • Select the country from the Country drop-down list.

    • Enter the email id of the collection in the Collection email text box. User can send mail to this unique email address to archive messages in SKYSITE. The emails received in this email ID are saved and archived within the Email Archive module of the collection.

    • Tick the Add to Favorite Collection checkbox to mark the newly created Collection as Favorite. These Collections will get displayed at the top of the Collection list.

  • Click Settings tab to choose folder sorting option. This is shown below,

  • Select any one of the options 'Manually organized', 'Alphanumeric' & 'Create date'

    • Manually Organized: If you select this radio-button, the folder structure will appear as per the sequence of upload, or sequence of creation within the application. For example, if Folder A, B & C are uploaded one after the other, then the Folder A will appear first in the tree structure and after that folder B & C will appear. Again, if you create a new folder D within the application using the Create Folder function on the Collection Files screen, then that folder will appear after (below) folders A, B & C.

    • Alphanumeric: If you select this radio-button, the folder structure will appear one after the other according to the alphabetical order of the names of the folder i.e. folders with name starting with letter 'A' will appear first and folders with name starting with letter 'Z' will appear last.

    • Create Date: If you select this option folders will be sorted as per the date of creation. Folders created first will appear before folders created at later dates.

The sorting option selected here is by default imposed on the folder structure created or uploaded inside this collection. This imposed folder sorting option can be overridden when user selects folder sorting at individual folder level from the 'Documents' screen inside a collection.

  • Click Collection Owner tab, the screen appears. The Collection Owner info will be displayed. The owner name, contact info and address will be displayed under this tab. Collection owner is basically the currently logged in user who is creating the Collection.

  •  Click Account Team tab, the account team association with collection screen appears. The account team names present in the currently accessed account will appear.

    • Tick the checkboxes beside one or more team to make the currently created Collection accessible by team members of the selected teams.

    • Also, you can click on an account team to view the members (users) present in the team

  • Click Save New Collection to save the new Collection. A confirmation message is displayed at the top of the window approving the successful Collection creation and the window will be closed automatically. 

  • Oh the other hand, click on Close button to exit without saving the Collection.