New User Registration

If you are a new user and do not have SKYSITE Facilities & Archive account you need to register first to access SKYSITE Facilities & Archive. Follow the given procedure to register.


1. Click Sign Up button. The Sign Up screen appears.


2. Create Account section


  1. Enter your first name in the First Name text box.

  2. Enter your last name in the Last Name text box.

  3. Enter your e-mail id in the Email ID text box. This will be your log-in ID.

  4. Enter a login id in the Username text box. 

  5. Enter a password in the Password text box. This will be your login password.

  6. Enter a referral code (if some user of SKYSITE has send a referral code to you). This is not mandatory.




  • After entering all the information click on 'Create Account' button on the keyboard to complete the registration as a new user to SKYSITE Facilities & Archive.


Screenshot displaying the Sign-up screen:



After creating account you will move to the SKYSITE Common Log-in screen. From that screen you need to click on [Activate Facilities & Archive] button to activate and start using the SKYSITE Facilities & Archive application.