Logging in to SKYSITE Facilities & Archive


Follow the given procedure to start the SKYSITE Facilities & Archive for the first time:


  1. Enter the app.skysite.com URL on the browser address bar. The SKYSITE application log-in screen appears. This is shown below,


  1. Enter a valid user name and password in the Username and the Password text boxes respectively.

  2. Select the Remember me check box, if you want to save the user name and password in the computer.

  3. Click Log in button.


You will be redirected to the SKYSITE Common log-in screen. This is shown below,


  1. Click [Go to Facilities & Archive] button to open the SKYSITE Facilities & Archive application


Note: If you are a first time user of SKYSITE Facilities & Archive, then you are required to click the [Sign Up] link.


  • Click on  link on the Common Log-in screen to view the latest product features and updates. This is shown below,