To delete individual templates:

  • On the Templates list screen, click   [Delete] button on a template row to delete that individual template from the application

To delete multiple templates:

  • On the Templates list screen, hover your mouse cursor over the  template icon and a checkbox will appear instead of the icon.
  • Click to select the checkboxes 

Similarly, multiple template rows can be selected in this way. Also, a delete button will appear at the top right-hand corner of the screen. This is shown in the screenshot below,

  • Click [Delete] button [highlighted with red rectangle in the screenshot above] to delete the selected templates at one shot.

Note: Only an empty template can be deleted, a template which has been used to create a form cannot be deleted. In this case, you need to move inside a template, delete all the forms inside it and then move back outside and then delete the recently-emptied template.